My photographic work is a reflection of my love for art and nature, the overall strength of life and the secrets it holds. My images are based on staged chimeras that pay homage to the beauty of life in all its form, the natural elements and our place in the universe. They are based on allegorical paintings, between fiction and reality, representative of the drift of the mental projections of modern man, of human emotion, sometimes melted in the deepest waters. Beyond the categories, each new color, texture, material, light, is for me a new tool of sentimental and plastic expression.

Currently based in France, Paris. 


Prints are available on request. 

Selected & press publications

"Best Of" Photovogue Italia

Nasty Magazine

Blanc Magazine

Lucy's Magazine

PETRIe Inventory

Beautiful Savage

Wind Investiture Magazine

The Forest Magazine

Himalayan Times

Le Journal du Design


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