Elisa Ritter is a french artist photographer, her education explains her photographic diversity which through she tries to create an interaction between her and the spectator. 

Inspired by nature, art, humans, travel and all the complexity of life, she develops images from her mental projections close to her feelings. 

She always need to explore, have news experiences which help to have better point of view and open new horizon of mind. It brings us closer to reality and create connection with people.

"  Let's spread love, beauty & humanity. "



Prints are available on request. 


BTS Photographie, Lycée Auguste Renoir, Paris

Diplôme universitaire d'action humanitaire, Faculté de médecine, Dijon

BT Arts Appliqués option céramique, Lycée Henry Moisand, Longchamp

 Selected & press publications

  • Photovogue Italia
  • Nasty Magazine
  • Blanc Magazine
  • Lucy's Magazine
  • PETRIe Inventory
  • Beautiful Savage
  • Wind Investiture Magazine
  • The Forest Magazine
  • Himalayan Times
  • Le Journal du Design
  • Maptia


  • 2016 - Summer Void, Intuitive - Paris
  • 2016 - La Raffinerie - Dijon 
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