I.The thought that freezes to face our true human nature. The cold and moist sweat lets guess the shiny outline of your skin, frozen reflection of emotions that still stick to your skin, dragging with you all your troubles and an uncertain future.

Mental Mutation for Nasty Magazine


II.To this hidden face behind your mask. Is it as clean as you said ? Time ask you to know who you are. But you can't project something else to understand which creature you decided to be. 

III.The world offers itself to you as a new birth. An icy birth, which take you out from the maternal and enveloping heat until then acquired. Faced with the new scents, greyish lights and ceaseless din, you'll have to get up to insufflate life's breath.

IV. Appearances disappear to leave only dust. In the body of the chameleon you will prevail in a world where nothing is immutable.

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